Trinity Alps

These are photos I would like to share of my excursion to the Trinity Alps mountains in Northern California. Mike Kelly and I climbed up Granite Peak, which is a trail I would not recommend to anyone! The Trail started to go up from the start, then near the beginning of the trail there was about two feet of slight downhill. That was it! The rest was a grueling 6 miles of up! Many switch-backs and bushwacking.

As I make my way through the Alps, I'll continue to add to this page. I'll try to scan in the TOPO maps of the areas I have pictures of, too.


Balanced Granite rock
Our campsite on granit peak
First look at this ridge
Granite face
Claire Engel Lake
The lake in the morning
Mostly dead mike
My waking view
The mandatory self portrait
The shadow of the mountain
Shasta #1
Shasta #2
Mike signing the log at the top
Notice the angle of the trees
I like sunsets!
Sunset over the ridge
This is the top
The trailhead
Where we refilled water