I enjoy to bike, hike, camp, 4x4, and just about anything else that is outdoors. I like good beer, not Bud or Miller, but small micro-beers. I love to travel, if I could do that for a Living I certainly would try. Hmmmm....Maybe I could be a travelling html salesman! (-: I like to cook, especially anything that has hot chile peppers and is vegetarian. I play the trumpet, or at least I try to. I'm also trying to learn the harmonica, so far it's looking promising. I love jazz music and progressive rock, such as Rush or Yes. I really like the Fusion movement in Jazz from the 70's. Networking is my specialty as far as computer science goes. Someday I hope to be a professor, if I can stand to be in school that long, and teach somewhere in the west like Montana or Idaho.

My Resume is here!