Gearing up for development: jira/greenhopper

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Virtual machine snapshotted; time to download and install jira, with fisheye and greenhopper.

From the license page, there's a download link. You have to dig around separately to find the instructions for installation (it's not an easy link from the download). There's also not much help here with regards to selecting a version, so at this point, a little manual reading is required.

Since it's going on a linux VM where I just patiently installed oracle java, I'm going to use the linux tarball instead of the binary. Otherwise, the docs say that jira is going to install yet another jvm. Boo. Wget and tar xfz that beast. Moved to /home/jira/version-number, made /home/jira/data and chmod -R the data folder to www-data. The docs say the app shouldn't need www-data permissions (it never writes it).

Another instance of software that doesn't have an init.d script setup for it. Luckily we just did something like that, and can crib a new one. Just set the JIRA_HOME there, and replace the start/stop script line with the jira one from the install guide, and re-initialize the startup sequence.

Rats. When I start up the daemon, it can't write to 3 directories inside the application directory. Sure enough, the instructions say to chown the subdirectories for temp, work, and log to the jira user. Surely it would be better for them to move this stuff out into JIRA_HOME so that the permisisons for changed data all live in one place? Whatever. Fixed.

After starting the daemon up, it appears you can at least move temp by setting CATALINA_TMPDIR to somewhere elsse. But that means work and log are still screwed.

For kicks, I tail the catalina.out log. It looks like there's another secret directory, conf, that it expects to create. I'm just going to change the group for the whole directory to www-data and write it off.

Restart again, and it looks like the jenkins instance of tomcat is hogging port 8080. Grumble. The conf directory that jira couldn't make before now has a server.xml in it. That has the port numbers in it. Modify to recommended ones in the manual and reboot. Looks ok. Web configuration now possible

Huh. The first option, selecting a database type, defaults to 'internal' which they say is never for production use. When you change the radio button to external and select 'mysql', you are warned that you need a jira mysql driver. Am I supposed to make the tables myself ahead of time? Yes.

Time to apt-get install mysql-server-5.5, but there are broken packages. The update/upgrade dance begins! The best I can do with squeeze it looks like, is eat mysql 5.1 components. After installing mysql 5.1, added phpmyadmin. I had to symlink its apache conf as described here.

The next evening we finally get around to creating Jira tables with phpmyadmin. Then there's the download of the mysql Connector-J java connector. With this in place, we should be able to complete the setup wizard. Restart the jira service, and browse to the web page. Set options to use mysql user and db, and a test of the connection goes ok. SMTP configured ok. Handy warning shows me I need to reconfigure tzdata package so I can fix my timezone. Done. I skip the wizard step to make a project so I can snapshot the machine.

Sheesh. That's like a whole 'nuther evening configuring and downloading and stuff.

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