Day 1 Studios
(Chicago, Ill. 2008-2011)

Build Engineer on F.E.A.R 3. Automate build machine software environment updates, report game stats & errors. Replace PERL and windows batch scripts with C# command-line tools & scripts.Write and maintain builds of code base, test coverage, and ship-ready game data & game discs. Supply external developers with released builds, documentation & technical support. Manual art and tool testing, MAXScript maintenance, techart mentoring & research. Buck-stops-here user support for environment, pipeline, Perforce, software, hardware.

Day 1 Studios
(Chicago, Ill. 2006-2008)

Content Manager on F.E.A.R. for Xbox 360 and PS3 (Vivendi) and F.E.A.R 3 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows (Warner Brothers). Manage perforce database, train perforce users. Troubleshoot game data errors. Write scripts and utilize off-the-shelf tools to replicate data across remote networks. Work with engineering and project leads to improve art pipeline for rapid art asset iteration. Ensure asset creation meets quality guidelines, established budgets and schedule. Deliver game builds and source code drops to client. Track and resolve bugs related to game content. Maintain builds of CD-ROMs for QA. Test and release builds of internal tools. 

(Foster City, Cal. 2006)

Build engineer on X-Men: The Official Game for Xbox, PS2, and Xbox 360 (Activision). Write and maintain automated builds of art assets, CD-ROMs, and internal tools. Work with team to release stable game builds for internal and external use. Keep builds stable by fixing or delegating fixing of code and art related errors. Advise artists, engineers, and contractors on build and art pipeline issues.

(Hayward, Cal. 2001-2006)

Technical artist on tools team. Provide art and technical support for all projects including BMX XXX and Aggressive Inline (Acclaim). Create art assets including particle systems, camera animations. Help design and edit artist tools including plug-ins, scripts, particles, bug database. Create specifications for in-game special effects. Document procedures for bug entry and resolution, art asset creation. Research and evaluate art and workflow technologies.

(Hayward, Cal. 2001)

Computer artist on Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 for Gamecube, X-Box (Acclaim). Used 3D Studio Max r3.1 to build, edit, LOD, debug medium-poly levels. Mapped texture UVs, tagged levels for gameplay using Z-Axis proprietary plug-ins. Check out my Greenville campus.

(Hayward, Cal. 2001)

Computer artist on Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX - Maximum Remix for PSX (Acclaim). Used 3D Studio Max r3.1 to build, edit, LOD, and debug low-poly levels. Mapped texture UVs, built visibility tables and tagged levels for gameplay using Z-Axis proprietary plug-ins. Enjoy the Fresno-inspired secret barn level.

(Hayward, Cal. 2000)

Computer artist on Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for DreamCast and Windows PC (Acclaim). Used 3D Studio Max r3.1 to port 12 levels from PSX to Dreamcast. Modified existing level geometry, remapped texture UVs. Retagged levels with Z-Axis proprietary plug-in. Updated sponsor's corporate logo textures to high resolution and rebuilt panoramas. Used Acclaim's bug database to isolate level problems and repair them. Wrote .BAT files to automate frequent file updating. Find my "epu" Counter-Strike tag on the walls of "Greenville - Greenville Park", outside the level just past the amateur fun-box objective.

(San Carlos, Cal. 1999)

Game tester on Thrasher: Skate & Destroy (Rockstar / Take2). Applied Sony standards to PSX title. Learned all the words to Kool Keith's Housin' Things, and to get contracts and money from Rockstar upfront. Enter "jasmonda" as your name to get my Rockstar board.

Electronic Arts
(Redwood City, Cal. 1999)

Game tester on System Shock 2 (Looking Glass / EA). Lead test during final weeks of multiplayer patch, German and UK localizations. Proofread SS2 manual, cowrote game playthrough for EA phone support. Applied EA publishing standards for Intel and Sony titles.


Cogswell Polytechnical College

(Sunnyvale, Cal. 1999-2000)

Coursework in game design and production, 3d modeling and animation, figure drawing, storyboarding for animation, and SFX.

University of Wisconsin
(Madison, Wis. 1992-96)

Bachelor of Science in Art, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. Dean's List. Extensive figure drawing. Other coursework in introductory C++, introductory MIPS RISC assembly.

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